Whether you’re buying, selling or maintaining a property, knowledge is power. The power to plan, the power to negotiate, and the power to protect your property.

Buyer's Inspection

This inspection is a thorough evaluation of any residential property, including prefabricated, manufactured homes, and condominiums. We’ll inspect the visible and readily accessible areas of the structure to determine the overall condition of the property while identifying defects. After you receive your inspection report, please feel free to call us with any questions. We are here to help you make well-informed decisions.

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you’re getting ready to put a property on the market, scheduling a Pre-Listing Inspection can prevent problems from arising once a prospective buyer has taken interest in your property. When we perform a Pre-Listing Inspection, we’ll assess a home for deficiencies and deliver a comprehensive report so that you’re able to address the findings at your discretion before you list the home. Our pricing structure is always competitive.

Maintenance Inspection

An annual Property Maintenance Inspection is highly recommended to keep your home in tip-top shape and able to withstand the elements for years to come. In a Property Maintenance Inspection, we’ll inspect the same areas offered in our Buyer’s Residential Inspection covering the visible and accessible areas of the structure while providing additional maintenance advice to help you protect your investment.

New Construction Inspection

Building any structure from the ground up requires the coordination and cooperation of many trades and workers. A mistake at any step of the construction process can result in defects that cost the homeowner money down the line. Scheduling one of our New Construction inspections prior to your final walk-through with the contractor can ensure any problems are corrected by the contractor before they become an expensive repair.

Phase Inspection

A professional property inspector’s trained eye is of tremendous benefit to the construction of a new home. Phase Inspections come on-site at several phases of the building process to evaluate the soundness and safety of the structure and materials used. We’ll also inspect up to the local building standards to ensure that construction. Inspections will take place prior to the concrete pour, drywall installation, and again before the final walk-through.

Builder Warranty Inspection

Many newly constructed homes include a one year builder’s warranty to cover issues discovered during this time period. Some defects are only visible after time and the seasons have had a chance to affect the home. Scheduling our Builder Warranty Inspections during the 11th month, allows clients to have the builder make the repairs to correct any defects before the one-year warranty expire. You can save yourself money and stress for years to come.

4-Point Inspection

Our 4-Point Inspections involve a non-invasive visual assessment of the four most vital systems in any structure. These inspections are often required by insurance companies for older homes to ensure that these systems are in working order. During a 4-Point Inspection, we will assess both the condition and age of the roof, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems.

Loan Draw Inspection

These are typically required by lenders to ensure the terms that were agreed upon when the loan was originally issued are being followed during the construction. We will inspect the materials in use during construction and evaluate the construction’s adherence to the agreed timeline. This inspection helps mitigate risk to the lender and also prevents interruption of the work.


It is vitally important to follow up on the repairs to any defects found during the original home inspection. Scheduling a Re-Inspection will allow us to examine the work to make sure that the original defects were performed correctly and that no new issues have emerged during the repair process. You can regain your peace of mind and proceed with confidence.

Inspections Include

Inspections at Peace of Mind Property Inspection are performed by an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector and follow the Texas Real Estate Commission’s Standards of Practice.  We visually inspect the following structures and components as part of our property inspections:


Foundation and Crawl Spaces

Structural Components

Driveways and Walkways

Grading and Drainage

Attached Garage

Deck, Porch, and Balcony

Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors, and Doors

Exterior Windows, Glazing, Doors, and Wall Coverings


Attic, Insulation, and Ventilation

Heating and Cooling Systems

Electrical System

Plumbing System

Fireplace and Chimney

Built-in Appliances

Pools, Septics, and Wells will require a specialist separate from the home inspection.


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